Rapidshare Manager | Official Rapidshare Download Manager

Lately, we have covered four posts on Rapidshare download managers, which included Rapidshare Plus, Raptor, JDownloader and RapGet. Today we will be sharing with you yet another Rapidshare Download manager but this one is officially released by Rapidshare.com for its premium account based users only.

This tool lets you upload, download and manage rapidshare files. Rapidshare manager has a multiple setting possibility’s allow the professional uploading and downloading for beginners and experienced users alike.


As already mentioned Rapidshare Manager is for Rapidshare premium user only, enabling them to upload files with a file size up to 4GB! Plus more, files bigger than 100 MB can only be downloaded by Premium users, unless the files have been a direct download and the traffic is paid by the file holder. Additional information to this feature can be found in the Premium Zone.

Download Rapidshare Manager