How to Unblock Facebook at School or at Work?

aginst-facebook-logoFacebook is one of the largest social network on this planet and is growing at a rapid pace. The reason that Facebook is so popular among all ages is its highly interactive interface, you can do all sorts of things in Facebook, like playing games with your friends, send them gifts, poke them etc etc. Not only that it keeps you connected with your friends and family all the time.

So what if some one tries to snatch all the fun by blocking Facebook? Certainly this will make you disturbed and angry. There are many places such as schools, colleges, workplaces etc, where you feel the urge to connect with friends, but can’t.

It doesn’t matter if they have blocked access from Facebook or any other social media site for that matter, you can still manage to interact with your friends. Here are a few tricks that I have gathered which will help you unblock Facebook. But be careful not to get caught doing this!

1. One of the most easiest trick to access Facebook is through proxies or from proxy sites. Despite its advantages, Proxy sites can be very annoying and sometimes spammy. However, if you are determined to use it, here are some of the recommended sites that will bypass firewalls;

If you want more, here is a huge list of proxy sites that certainly will help you out. You should also try this article.

2. Another trick is to use your PC as a Remote control to access sites that are blocked at school or at work. The only problem you could face while installing a Remote Control application is that you might not have the privilege to install it on your school or office PC’s. Therefore, there is a fifty fifty chance of getting this right. In case you want to try is, some recommended applications include;

3. Last but not the least, install this application by Facebook, titled Access Facebook at School. What this application does is that it looks for accessible proxy sites which could later be used to access Facebook on the go. Install this app onto your computer and spread the word among your friends to install this as well.

So whenever anyone of you faces a problem of blocked site, you can ask your friends to send you the URL so that you may bypass it. Nifty isn’t it?!

In the end, if you follow any of these tricks, don’t forget to clear your Browsing History and cookies when finished, because a good criminal never leaves a trace behind! (Joke)

Which one of these trick will you prefer and why? If you have any other trick that you would like to share, just drop us a comment below and we’ll add your idea to this post.


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