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Is It Worth the Investment? Lifetime Membership

A number of eBook libraries and websites have started offering premium services. However, these services, though inexpensive on their own, can quickly add up over time. With the average eReader holding a few thousand eBooks, it's little wonder that a Read More →

As Bots Imitate Humans, How Do Users Stay Secure?

Bots are getting better and better at imitating humans. People are rushing to generate new types of "bot-or-not" tests, as old methods of identifying bots are no longer working. Some bots are even able to identify Captchas, the wiggly letters Read More →

Android Operating System Is Attracting Large Extent of Users

World of today is contracting with the rapid growth of cell phone technology. With the increasing number of users facilities are also increasing. This phenomenon started with simple ordinary handsets that used only for making calls, these mobiles have completely Read More →

Two Powerful Business Tools

Sometimes it seems like business meetings are a necessary evil. A bad meeting can feel like a terrible waste of time, and in the worst case, it actually is just a terrible waste of time. But meetings are still vital Read More →

1&1 Launches New Web Hosting Packages

Prominent web hosting provider 1&1 has launched a new range of hosting packages which include easy access to popular apps and CMSes such as WordPress and Joomla! Packages which cost as little as £3.59 per month come with 1&1's App Center which contains Read More →

IPhone 5s Gadgets What To Expect?

The release of the IPhone 5s has opened a door for all sorts of accessories you can add to really make your phone your own and make it work for you in the way you need. Ensuring you can easily Read More →

Localizing Your Mobile Advertising

Every business needs a plan for advertising to ensure they continue to grow. Whether through word of mouth, print advertisements or the Internet, getting your name, reputation and what you have to offer to potential customers out there is essential, Read More →

The Two Primary Functions of an iPad Point-of-sale System

The saying, what have you done for me lately, can easily be applied to the business equipment world. Traditional equipment may still work in some instances. However, as options evolve, tradition is being slowly replaced by technology. One of Read More →

A Comparison of PayPal and Stripe

When looking for an online payment provider, there are a lot of options. Depending on your country, there may be just a few, but in countries like the United States and United Kingdom, there are dozens to choose from. PayPal Read More →
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